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  • Mount Nemrut ruins
  • Mount Nemrut ruins, 87 km from the city center directly . Arsameia on the ancient road of 77 km . Kahler 43 km away from the town . Wonders of the world , these tumuli , on the eastern Taurus mountain range at an altitude of 2206 meters , with the passage of the Euphrates River is on a hill overlooking the plain .
  • Made for the Commagene King Antiochus mausoleum breaking over pebbles stacked and formed a tumulus tumulus around and fire altar on the terraces and in the Greco- Persian style giant sculptures and reliefs have been stellar .
  • The East Terrace
  • Approximately 10 meters in height colossal statue seated on thrones rows are available. Statue overlooks the face towards the sun . In this terrace, respectively Commagene Kingdom of the sky domination , representing protective eagle, the kingdom's earth domination , representing protective lion, Commagene King Antiochus I of Commagene ( Tyche ) , Zeus, Apollo and Hercules statues place alır.taht behind the 237 lines of King Antiochus's religious and social content testament ( Nomos ) bulunmaktadır.ter Basin to the north and south of Commagene royal family members are embossed relief . Again, this sculpture on the terrace in front of the fire altar ( Altar ) and sit with him in a manner that there is a statue of a lion . Nimrod from the terrace watching the sun rise is this .
  • The West Terrace
  • As in East Teras colossal statue sitting on the throne along with the Commagene King Antiochus shaking hands with god 's statue and reliefs are located . Also here about astrology horoscope relief of a lion is also available. Situated on the relief of a lion moon and the stars since July 7, 62 are read before Christ . This history is the history to the throne of king Antiochus . Nimrod in the sun at sunset from the terrace are followed .
  • The North Terrace
  • North Terrace, linking the western and eastern terrace of 180 m . A ceremony is a long way . Stele and pedestals are completed on the terrace .
  • Arsameia ruins ( Nymphaios Arsameia )
  • ARSAMEIA cottage in the headquarters of the Kingdom of Commagene , connected to the town in the province of Adiyaman Kah village of droplets with Kocahisar village , in Oracle Stream ( Nymphaios ) lies to the east . On the way to a ceremony in South stellar addition to the many relief sculptures and inscriptions in Greek Anatolia has the largest known . 150 at the location of the inscription cascade down the corridor used the sacred purpose and in the upper part are the ruins of the palace .
  • How to Get to Mount Nemrut ?
  • The most suitable season for output to Nemrut Mountain , starting mid-March until mid-November varies according to weather conditions . Nemrut Mountain Basin and sunrise in the day than anywhere else in the world that is so majestic . Sunrise and sunset , leaves a profound affect on the audience .
  • sunset
  • Nimrod transportation to the village of Mulberry asphalt, paving stone while the later parts are covered . It is usually in the form of round trips made ​​. Tours can be performed with special tools from Adiyaman and Kâhta can be done with the tools to hire .
  • Alternate Routes
  • Mount Nemrut Adiyaman ( Arsameia'ya with the ancient road ) 77 km
  • Direct - Mount Nemrut Adiyaman 86 km
  • Direct from the airport, 66 km from Mount Nemrut Adiyaman
  • 34 km from Adiyaman -Kah
  • Adiyaman - Cendere Bridge 54 km
  • 59 km from Adiyaman - Yenikale
  • Arsameia Adiyaman ( Cendere Bridge Route) 61 miles
  • Tours
  • Nemrut Tours
  •  Long, Normal and Short Round is done in three different ways .
  • Long Tour to watch the sun rise from Adiyaman night at 02:00 is moving . Following the sunrise on Mount Nemrut , Arsameia , New Castle , Severen Bridge and recruiting is Tümülüsü Blackbird returns. This tour lasts approximately 5-6 hours . Visitors who will watch the sun set , Adiyaman 14.oo h ' from the Kâhta the clock at 14.30 is advised to leave .
  • Short Tour is the only tour covering Mount Nemrut . Commagene civilization, the ruins have been observed for around 4-4.5 hours.
  • Regular Tour sunrise and sunset tours are getting into . Although usually exit morning tours any time of day is exited .
  • Tools which are appropriate to climb , may also exist in their own vehicles .

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