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  • Perre ancient city , rock tombs and caves
  • And the rock tombs in the ancient city of Perre
  • Adiyaman center of Örenl ( Pirin ) is the neighborhood . Commagene Kingdom is one of the five major ancient city . With the capital Samosata Melitene ( Malatya) is located between the haunt . From ancient Roman sources are referred to in the beauty of the water , caravans , passengers and is meant to be used as a resting place by the army . Said water is flowing fountain in Rome is still used. Korumuştur.b importance during the Byzantine era of the ancient city of Nicea convened in Nicaea Council to send representatives to the Bible also shows that there is a religious center . Örenl most remarkable ruins in the ancient city located at the entrance of the neighborhood are the rock tombs . Tombs carved into the cliffs constitutes a great view .
  • Haydaran Rock Tombs
  • Taşgedik 17 km north of Adiyaman is located within the village limits . Here and tombs of King Antiochus shaking hands with the sun god Helios has relief .
  • Turus Rock Tombs
  • 40 km from the city of Adiyaman . Sanliurfa and Adiyaman - away 1 km of the highway . Located in the west of the Roman Period is Turus Rock Tombs . Tombs carved into the bedrock is made from the floor down to the entrance of the tomb is reached after that drops down from 10 to 13 digits . Some of the rock tomb walls and entrance doors are available in a variety of figures and reliefs .
  • Dolmens : Obelisk in rocky areas in the north , down to Hoziş dolmen tombs are near the village . Tue furrowed together with two large sliding resembling the remains from these graves is estimated that Stone Age people .
  • Zey Caves
  • 7 km from Adiyaman . In the distance , near the village of Zey early Christian settlements are inhabited . The village also a shrine and mosque of Sheikh Abdurrahman Erzincani'ye is located .
  • Gümüşkaya Caves
  • 40 km of the province of Adiyaman . Göksun southwest side of the river west of the village of the same name mentioned in connection with each other as a tunnel carved from the rock caves are located in a large number . This cave was used as a residence on the date of the BC It is estimated that in the year 150 . Balconies , split rooms and wells with only one person can pass these caves road is narrow .
  • Palanlı Cave
  • 10 km of Adiyaman . north of Adiyaman - BOF - Malatya Palan on the highway is within the boundaries of the village . BC It is used in a natural cave 40,000 years . Deer can be found in the wall of difference and still lean figure was created with contour lines . The cave is a registered archaeological sites . If the deep valley where the cave is located is part of a rare nature , vegetation has often .
  • Derik Sacred Space ( Hereoo 's )
  • Sincik County is on the road to the village of Datgel . This area AD 70 was built by the Romans and it is estimated that around 300 used in years . In the field of Commagene built during the period are the remains of Temenos .
  • Sofraz tumuli
  • 45 km from the city center . Besni 15 km . away , Üçgöz ( Sofraz ) in town. 15 m . In height above the tomb is covered with gravel and rubble .
  • Obelisk ( Sesönk )
  • Besni of 33 km . southeast , Kızıldağ Commagene King II. The tomb was built by Mithridates , each approximately 10 meters in height , surrounded by pillars were three couples . Columns on the women , men, and there are lions in relief .
  • Montenegro Tümülüsü
  • 5 km from Adiyaman , Montenegro is a skirt . Located in a rock tomb consists of 2 parts . In addition, the city and the dam of the lake can also be viewed here .
  • Beştepeler
  • In our province , 25 km Ilıcakl is located within the boundaries of the village . Masonry is made of stone There are six graves .
  • Malpınar (rock monument)
  • About 35 km from Adiyaman . away in the hamlet of Malpınar an inscription hieroglyphs carved on natural rocks and rocks made ​​settlements belong to the Hittite period .

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