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  • Shrines
  • Abuzer Ghaffari Tomb:
  • Visit village is 5 km east of Adiyaman . The inscription at the H. is dated 1136 . IV Baghdad shrine on the return time . Murat 's orders have been made.
  • Tomb of Mahmud al- Ansari :
  • 7 km east of Adiyaman Ali is on the mountain . H. 1126 dated inscriptions in the walls of the tomb there is a repair .
  • NEW Erzincan Airport Tomb of Sheikh Abdurrahmanlar :
  • 7 km north of Adiyaman Zey ( İndere ) village. Tomb Erzincanli not originally in Adiyaman, who settled in the area by Sheikh Abdurrahman -i Erzincan include the sarcophagus of his wife and daughter .
  • Abidin Tomb:
  • Prophet 's tomb, located approximately 15 km east of Adiyaman . Zeynel Abidin Ali 's grandson is thought to have belonged to .
  • Tomb of Haji Yusuf :
  • Tomb , Kahler Sarid in the District is in the main village , where he died on 1260 was .
  • Companions Safwan Bin Muattal Tomb:
  • Samsat'ta 8 Km north of the County is near the village of Taşku . That participated in the battle of Yarmouk in the records , Samsat'ta came up and had fallen ; Safwan Bin Muattal 's is also indicated that the Companions . Der environmental regulation made ​​by the Companions of the shrine by KIPTAS re- design and environmental studies have been initiated for the regulation .
  •  Haji Baba Tomb Abuzer :
  • The presence of Adiyaman in the neighborhood shrine is visited by the people of a great big interest

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