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  • Mosques and Churches
  • Great Mosque
  • Adiyaman is located in the city center . Dulkadiroğulları Principality time later the mosque was repaired many times . The mosque was built in its current form since 1863 with an inscription stating that the minaret is located on the upper surface of the base facing east . Another inscription found in the same place at the bottom arch of the mosque is understood that repaired in 1902 .
  • Bazaar Mosque
  • Is located in the city center . As stated in the deed of trust was built in 1550 by Haji Abdulgani . Rectangular mosque is built of hewn stone walls supported by buttresses .
  • Eskisaray Mosque
  • Located in the neighborhood of our city Eskisaray Old Palace Mosque was built by Ibrahim Pasha in 1148 Hijri . The mosque was repaired many times . In recent restoration of the mosque has been expanded to the north .
  • Kaaba Mosque
  • Which gives its name to the neighborhood, according to the inscription on the Kaaba Mosque Hijri 1182 (1768) in the year after Hijri 1342 (1923) was reconstructed by Haci Mehmet Ali . In 2010 by the Regional Directorate of Foundations modifications were made to the original .
  • Yenipınar Mosque
  • Adiyaman is located in the Central Yenipınar neighborhood . According to the inscription on the base of the minaret Hijri 1133 (1720) was built by a man named Haji Mahmud in the year .
  • St . Peter and St Paul Church
  • Adiyaman is the Central Mare neighborhood . In 1905 the church was repaired and the inscription , but it is known that the church existed before . St.pavlus referred as an Assyrian Church and a registered building. It is used for worship by the Assyrian community . In 2010 by the Regional Directorate of Foundations lilis fidelity and outbuildings restoration has been done .
  • And in the mosque complex is Besni
  • Ulu Mosque
  • According to the inscription on the mosque 17th century Ulu Mosque , which was built here, as in other mosque does not have a uniform plan .
  • Külhanö the Mosque
  • The excavations carried out in 2009 as a result of the mosque 's former mosque plans ( five- stage plan ) spends there has been increased . When and by whom any inscription that has been found. But in the mosque, which has been used as building materials and architecture , is reminiscent of the classical Ottoman building .
  • Toktamış Mosque
  • In the south of the present Besni , is completely in the event of an abandoned ruins of the mosque is not known by whom . But towards the end of the 17th century is supposed to be built .
  • Bazaar Mosque
  • Besni located at the center of the old bazaar mosque is referred to by name . According to some people in a mosque , was built by a guy named Haji Arslan . But Mehmet Nasser Kalaunoğl name in the inscription on the pass. Kalam Sultan of Egypt Kölemen it is associated with is not known to what extent . Non-uniformity of local custom made ​​according to a plan which has Church .
  • Bekir Bey Complex
  • Today only remaining traces of this complex at a time when the exact date is unknown , the Mamluk Sultan here named Mr. Bekir mosque, and bath consisting of a complex of buildings built . Also establishes a foundation for them to cherish . Today these precincts ' Mr. Bekir bath located in the Grand Mosque and excavation work for the restoration of the Great Mosque minaret yapılmıştır.küllüye to the present day and also remained baths .

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